The deadline for applications is January 16, 2011 at 11:59pm Arizona time. Application deadline was extended to allow new and returning students to be able to form teams and register.

The deadline for submissions is April 21, 2011 at 4pm Arizona time.

This design competition is free to enter for all applicants.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education.

Yes, this competition will be open to international applicants.


Using the form below, you can post any questions you may have about the competition. We will be monitoring this area and responding to your questions as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in The Arizona Challenge Student Design Competition.

170 Responses to Questions

  1. Arizona Challenge says:

    Welcome to The Arizona Challenge Student Design Competition. You will find this page very useful to answer all your questions and concerns, and to keep an open channel for communication between all participants and organizers. The best of luck to all of you!

    Ignite, Create, Rethink the Future of our Desert Cities

    The Arizona Challenge Team!

  2. Eric Prichard says:

    Is there a concrete requirement with regards to the number of team members?

  3. Arizona Challenge says:

    Yes, your teams need to be conformed by three members and at least one of them from a discipline other than design. All students need to be full-time students.

  4. Reema Mistry says:

    Is this competition only for Graduate students or is it open to Undergraduate students as well?

  5. Tim Norris says:

    So, undergraduate students are not allowed to form teams and participate?

  6. Khaled A. Al-Sallal says:

    Are students from schools outside the US eligible?

  7. Arizona Challenge says:

    This competition is for full time undergraduate and graduate students

  8. Arizona Challenge says:

    Yes, this competition is open to international applications.

  9. Michael Hagge says:

    We have three former students now pursuing doctorates in other fields. Could they team up or join a team as a non-design member even thought they hold a professional degree in architecture?

  10. Arizona Challenge says:

    Yes, as long as one of your team member’s doctoral degrees is a non-design degree. The objective of bringing other disciplines is to expand the perspective of the designer, into other social and economic issues that our built environments experience.

  11. Josh Crandall says:

    Can you be specific on what constitutes a design degree? Does this include all fine arts?

  12. Arizona Challenge says:

    This competition is a planning and urban design competition. However, the inclusion of another designer (other than architects or planners) will be allowed if he/she complements the skills and knowledge of the team. Ideally we would like the inclusion of students from the social and economic sciences.

  13. Fadi Masoud says:

    Is a Master of Design Studies – which is a non-professional, non-studio based degree count as a design degree? This broad degree is inherently inter-disciplinary and the person we want to work with has a focus in environmental, social and economic studies.

    our team is currently a Landscape Architect and Architect with an Urban Planning background

  14. Mostapha says:

    I have a BA and MA and am studying Master in Environmental Building Design at UPenn. What is your rule for such this degree? It’s not an architectural design degree however it is a design degree… Please let me know if you will consider me as a designer or a full time graduate student with a different degree?
    Mostapha Sadeghipour

  15. Arizona Challenge says:

    We cannot make a determination until we received your completed materials. However, based on the information that you are providing you team will qualify.

  16. Arizona Challenge says:

    This Competition does accept students pursuing a Environmental Degree.

  17. Beth Weinstein says:

    I am interested in proposing this to the students in my design studio this coming spring semester. However I will not know who they are until January 14th. This is a problem with your deadline for application. Please advise.

  18. justin says:

    I am currently doing a one year traineeship in Europe as part of my educational requirements for my university. I still have to return back to school to complete my degree. Am I still considered a full time student?

    Thank You.

  19. Susannah Dickinson says:

    Is there any way of having an extended or late registration (around January 14th)? Our students do not decide on their focus / start school until January 12th – It would be great if they could have the option to compete.

  20. Rebecca Hui says:

    Are we allowed to form teams of 2?
    And if both team members are from different colleges, would we need to send in separate reference letters by professors from our respective colleges?


    Rebecca Hui

  21. Vuk Babovic says:

    In the section regarding the requirements, you mentioned “letter of support” from the faculty advisor:
    1/ who (or what) is faculty advisor?
    2/ should it be admissioned in form of scan of signed document (analogue document) or digital (in witch case, i suppose we should simply forward the letter)…?
    3/ is there any specific form of the letter that we must follow or it is only important as proof of being a full time student?

    …maybe my questions are stupid, but I have tough time translating advisor in proper context, plus, i am easily confused by paperwork… THANKS….

  22. Bogdan Mihaila says:

    It is mandatory for a team to have a student from another field of study than architecture ?

  23. Arizona Challenge says:

    A team of two would be fine. Please send reference letters from respective colleges. Thank you.

  24. Arizona Challenge says:

    1. Letter from Faculty Advisor: may come from the student’s professor / mentor, who can provide you with a letter stating that you are an student and also recommend you to participate in this competition.
    2. See ‘Materials for Application” (under Applications) for email address. Digital form is required.
    3. Your professor can decide what fromat to use and letterhead logo from the university and signature.

  25. Arizona Challenge says:

    It isn not mandatory to form a team of 3. However, because of the complexity of the competition, we believe a team of three will be best.
    Multiple disciplines will be bring different views and input, but it is not mandatory to have several disciplines.

  26. Arizona Challenge says:

    If you are still enrolled in school, you may be able to get a letter of recommendation from a Faculty Advisor and submit tyour application.

  27. Juan Partida says:

    I am currently a 5th year BA student working on my thesis which deals with many of the same issues covered in the brief. Would it be possible for me to enter the competition?

  28. Arizona Challenge says:

    Yes, you need to form a team with three members, one of them should be a non-architect student.

    Thank you and good luck,

    The Arizona Challenge Team

  29. Arizona Challenge says:

    To Susannah Dickinson. Yes, please see updates for more information.

    The Arizona Challenge Team

  30. Arizona Challenge says:

    To Beth Weinstein, Yes, please see updates for more information.

    The Arizona Challenge Team

  31. Arhie says:

    hi, how can i register this competition?
    I can’t find application sheet or section.

  32. Arizona Challenge says:

    All information is posted under the “APPLICATIONS” section.

    You need to meet the following requirements:

    1. One page resume for all full time students, indicate team leader in resume and main contact information
    2. Letter of support from faculty advisor also indicating that all three students are full time
    3. All materials should be submitted via email to:, notice that the submission deadline has been extended to January 16, 2011. 11:59pm Arizona Time

    Any teams that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified from participation and notified via email to the main contact provided by team leader.

  33. NEERAJ KUMAR says:

    What is the last date to register in this competition?

  34. Arizona Challenge says:

    The last date to register and email materials is January 16 at at midnight Arizona Time.

  35. Jordan Tsai says:

    In one of your responses Arizona Challenge says:”It isn not mandatory to form a team of 3. However, because of the complexity of the competition, we believe a team of three will be best.
    Multiple disciplines will be bring different views and input, but it is not mandatory to have several disciplines.”

    But then in another response Arizona Challenge says:”Yes, you need to form a team with three members, one of them should be a non-architect student.”

    So is it mandatory to have teams of three?
    And is it also mandatory to have a non-architect student in the team?

  36. Tamara says:

    While likely unadvised, would an individual be allowed to enter alone?

  37. Arizona Challenge says:

    Correct. It is NOT mandatory. However, teams of less than three members, will have to respond to all the requirements / guidelines equally.
    If you have a team of more than one, it is fine if that member is a student of a different displine than architecture, landscape architecture or planning. But NOT mandatory.

  38. Arizona Challenge says:

    Correct. It is NOT mandatory to have a team of three. However, teams under three members, will have to respond to all the requirements / guidelines equally.

  39. steve says:

    my college defines 1-5 credits as less than half time.
    6-11 credits as half time
    12 + credits as full time.

    i’m taking 9 credits.
    can i still apply as an individual to enter the competition ?

  40. Arizona Challenge says:

    Yes, you can enter the competition. Please submit the required material and recommendation from your selected Faculty.
    Thank you.

  41. shaun poon says:

    Is it possible to form groups of 4 for this competition?

  42. Arizona Challenge says:

    We recommend groups of three. Please submit your application and your request will be consider.

    Thank you,

  43. Alireza Taherifard says:

    Is it possible to recruit someone as the forth member in the current stage?

  44. Zhang anxiao says:

    Hello ,Is the emphasis stressed on the imagination of the future or the solution of the water and energy problem in the competetion ?

  45. Zhang anxiao says:

    Can we put emphasis on the investment and development in econemy ?

  46. Jeremy Shough says:

    How strict is the site bounding box for the design concept? Are we allowed to propose concepts beyond the four square mile property?

  47. Mohammed Alawadhi says:

    How many teams and from how many countries registered to enter the competition?

  48. ZIJIAN ZHOU says:

    Dear Arizona Challenge Team

    I have several questions about the competieons

    1.The deadline for submission(April 21 ) is based on letter stamp when we send submission or the time you received our submission ?

    2. Does the competition includes architecture design?

    3.What is the kind of community ? Is it a community for living or for commercial function ,like a commence center

  49. Zhang hao says:

    Dear Arizona Challenge Team,I’ve got some problems with the site.
    1.The contour map shows us that the site is high in the southwest and low in the northeast.But Google earth shows the oppsite result.So,which one is right?Or we have mistaken the site?
    2.There are 8 “arterial” in the four corners.What does this mean?

  50. Tim says:

    Hello. The last response that I see from the Arizona Challenge team on this thread is from January 16, 2011 at 3:31 pm. Is the competition still on?

  51. Arizona Challenge says:

    Dear Participants,
    Please see our website for updates. Of course the competitions is still up and running! We hope all participants are working on the creative designs!
    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge.

  52. Arizona Challenge says:

    Dear Participants,
    1. The location of the site is hypothetical, conceptual and not real. See map on page #3 of the Requirements PDF for more information “The solutions proposed on this hypothetical site will be use as exemplary and best practices for multiple sites across the southwest desert.”
    2. Assume a minimum of 8 arterials that will connect to other places in the future…If your design proposes more connectivity please show it in your design.

    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge.

  53. Arizona Challenge says:

    Dear Participants,

    1.The deadline for submission(April 21 ) is based on letter stamp when we send submission or the time you received our submission ?

    RESPONSE: See page 5. “2. Delivery of Materials: All materials should be emailed in English, and received by the Two Worlds Community Foundation on or before 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time on April 21, 2011″.-
    Final Submissions have to be delivered at the attached address on page #5 by April 21st, 2011 by 4 p.m. Make sure you make plane to mail you submission days before if you are outside of the United State. Coordinate with your local mailing companies.

    2. Does the competition includes architecture design?

    RESPONSE: Not necessarily. Teams could focus on a specific architectural element if desired, as a representation of something important that will help to communicate the overall intention.
    The competition is about designing a community! See page #4 of Requirements.

    3.What is the kind of community ? Is it a community for living or for commercial function ,like a commence center

    RESPONSE: It could be both…A commerce Center could be the employment center of the community you are designing. Please, see “Land Use” paragraph on page #4 for more information.

    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge.

  54. Arizona Challenge says:

    Over 50 Teams from all over the world!

    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge.

  55. Arizona Challenge says:

    Site boundary is fixed for the purpose of your challenge and design. If you would like to propose something that extends beyond our site, you can do that. The Jury will evaluate your proposal in within the Hypothetical Site presented on page # 3 of the Requirements.

    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge.

  56. Arizona Challenge says:

    The ideas will be evaluated in terms of how you foresee the community of the future, in the desert environment. We believe water and energy are challenging topics for the future of the southwest cities in the United States.
    Teams do not have to solve the technology of water, energy, technology, however your proposal can emphasize on the importance for these topics and the integration of overall concern with the design of your community and how people will live.

    Thank you.
    The Arizona Challenge

  57. Arizona Challenge says:

    The ideas will be evaluated in terms of how you foresee the community of the future, in the desert environment. We believe water and energy are challenging topics for the future of the southwest cities in the United States.
    Teams do not have to solve the technology of water, energy, technology, however your proposal can emphasize on the importance for these topics and the integration of overall concern with the design of your community and how people will live.

    Thank you.
    The Arizona Challenge

  58. Arizona Challenge says:

    As long as you use the investment and economic concepts as part (but not the essential issue) of the overall design of your community, that will be ok.

  59. elseuofi says:

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  60. elseuofi says:

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  61. ZIJIAN ZHOU says:

    I do not have a 4-digit code ? I can not find it in e-mails which you send me

  62. laxaa says:

    ya please say something about the 5 digital code ..

  63. FAWZI says:

    CROP ” A 5,400×10,800 pixels 36”x85” ” these values are not equal to each other .!!!

  64. DSA says:

    Can you extend the deadline? The end of studios has derailed our work flow. Our entry would benefit greatly from pushing the deadline just by a few weeks- and I think everyone elses would too?

  65. Arizona Challenge says:

    It is going to be hard to extend the deadline at this point.
    We’ll let you know. We have been receiving proposals already.

    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge

  66. Arizona Challenge says:

    5,400×12,750 pixels (36″x85″ at 150 dpis) – Sorry for the confusion!!

    Thank you,
    The Arizona Challenge

  67. Arizona Challenge says:

    Your TEAM picks 4 digits number.

    Thank you
    The Arizona Challenge

  68. lasea says:

    i send the post with 36″x85″ = 3508 – 8509 pixels :S there is any problems ????

  69. Zhaosong Zhang says:

    hello, how will you evaluate the final drawings? Will you print it or see the digital board ? Because we confuse at the size of fonts

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  72. Meagan Vandecar says:

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