The 2011 Student Design Competition

The Two Worlds Community Foundation was founded by Vernon D. Swaback to advance scientific, social, and economic knowledge required for the sustainable design and development of humanity’s built environments. An important part of the Foundation’s mission is to educate, nurture, cultivate and challenge young great minds to design concepts for our future cities and urban environments. To achieve these goals, the Foundation is inviting design students across the nation to collaborate and participate in the first Desert Design Competition, The Arizona Challenge.

The Two Worlds Community Foundation invites undergraduate and graduate students at all levels of higher education to form collaborative and multidisciplinary teams to undertake this challenge. Submissions may be from individuals or teams of up to 3 members. Teams will benefit from having members of multiple disciplines.

Levels: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. students

Fields of Study: Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Economics, Environmental Science, Engineering, and related disciplines

All employees and members of Swaback Partners and or The Two Worlds Community Foundation, members of the jury, advisors, family members and collaborators of this competition are barred from participating in this event.

Materials for Application

  1. One page resume for all full time students, indicate team leader in resume and main contact information
  2. Letter of support from faculty advisor also indicating that all three students are full time
  3. All materials should be submitted via email to:, notice that the submission deadline has been extended to January 16, 2011. 11:59pm Arizona Time

Any teams that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified from participation and notified via email to the main contact provided by team leader.

Ownership, Publication and Exhibition Rights

The jury’s choices and the award of the related cash prizes will conclude any and all stated or implied relationships between the entrants and the Arizona Challenge or the Two Worlds Community Foundation. By submitting materials, each participant is agreeing to give the Foundation the rights to utilize all submission materials in ways that further its educational purpose, including future forums, exhibitions, and publications, under the direction of the Foundation or in conjunction with selected others. It is intended that the winners will be announced at a celebration which will include displays generated from the digital submissions. Initial and on-going publicity is a key element of the Arizona Challenge in that the success of it’s educational purpose is largely advanced by way of broadcasting the insights of the participants. Possible further use of the competition materials, either in whole or part will be to explore and engage pilot projects that advance the best insights in ways that create new, more sustainable realities for application as soon as possible.