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The Arizona Challenge Competition
Winners Announced

The Arizona Challenge Jury, its members and collaborators are pleased to announce The Arizona Challenge Student Design Competition winners for its 2011 competition. It is important to mention that we received 21 completed submissions of great quality, all of these competitions addressed in one way or another some of the needs to sustain a future and healthy desert urban living.
The jury spent many hours studying and understanding these proposals to make final recommendations to select five winning entries. The jurors expressed great satisfaction with the level of detail, depth and thoughts conveyed in the submittals. The challenge was one of proposing creative solutions for doing more with less by the coordinated use of technologies and their related impact on the daily patterns of human behaviors and efficiencies. The winning entries will be featured in a series of ongoing forums.
“Autonomous City” Team #9086 from Harvard University in collaboration with the University of Toronto made an outstanding proposal. The work of this team is being honored with the first place and will be awarded $10,000 for their proposal.
In second place “Smart Green City” Team #9090 from Qingdao Technological University, China, provided significant insights concerning sustainable man / nature balance. They are being awarded with the second place of $2,500.
The third place team “Harvest (arizona)” Team #0824 from University of Arizona, Tucson, proposed comprehensive solutions for ensuring a better future for our desert living. The team will be awarded $1,500.
Honorable Mentions for significant contributions go to: ” Arid Systemics” Team #3697 from University of Arizona and to “Sinagua” Team #2358 from University of Waterloo, Ontario, these two teams each presented significant and innovative proposal that could be useful for desert urban environments.
All  five  entries, their team members and faculty advisors are to be praised for their efforts and proposed solutions for future healthier and more sustainable desert cities.
The top three teams will travel to Phoenix, Arizona for a joint celebration and to participate in the first of seven forums for the Foundation. Date to be announced.
Congratulations to all of you and great appreciation to all the teams participating in the challenge.
The Arizona Challenge.

Please check the “new schedule” as some changes have been made. Any questions please contact us at your earliest convinience.

Through innovation and collaboration, The Arizona Challenge is an ideas-based design competition for achieving highly efficient, sustainable, livable and healthy communities. The objective is to foster relationships that increase our quality of life while creating beautiful environments for now and the generations to follow.

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